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NEW! SFX Sound Capsules Launched!

DMU, Steam Freight, Diesel, Goods Shunting & Passenger Coach Sounds

There are now 5 new SFX capsules for on-board train sounds, all working on both DC and DCC with easy installation and absolutely no wiring!

All available now, £45 complete...   Buy now

As well as new sounds for DMU, Steam Freight and Diesel locomotives, there are also capsules to bring sound to the back of your Train with Passenger Coach wheels, doors and guards or the clunks and squeals of Goods shunting! 



What are SFX Sound capsules?

The SFX Sound capsule is a tiny self contained module less than the diameter of a 50p piece which needs no wiring, running off its own battery and using a motion sensor to know when its stationary or moving to play the right sounds. The SFX10 Steam Express and SFX20 Diesel capsules brought real loco sounds recorded from real trains to everyone at a great price, and because there are no connections to make to the motor or track pickups they work just as easily on Analogue DC or Digital DCC trains and can even fit in a coach or a wagon if there is no room in the loco. They can even be used with N gauge if fitted in a coach or long wheelbase van or wagon!
We have made videos for each of these new Sound Capsules so that you can see and hear what they are like, so please explore them by clicking on the links below...


SFX11 Steam Freight sound capsule

The new SFX11 is a variation on the popular SFX10 Steam Express sound capsule with similar loco sounds but speedup rate and maximum speed are reduced to sound more appropriate for slower running heavy freight goods or shunting. 

Click Here to see the SFX11 Video


SFX21 Diesel sound capsule

The SFX 21 is a new variation on the popular SFX20 with exactly the same sounds except that there is no silent coasting so the engine sounds continue and the two tone horn sounds after it has been running for a while. 

Click Here to see the SFX21 Video


SFX50 DMU Diesel Multiple Unit sound capsule

The SFX50 is all new and was recorded from several sets of real Class 101 DMU’s, though these would sound good in most vintage DMU’s. Sounds include the classic engine startup and distinctive tickover, Guards buzzer and familiar engine rasp with gear changes and two tone horn...

Click Here to see the SFX50 Video


SFX70 DMU Diesel Multiple Unit sound capsule

The SFX70 features real sounds from loose coupled stock recorded on heritage railways. When it detects movement you get the familiar squeaky wheels plus the clanks, bangs and creaks of stock on the railway. Great to hear sounds from the rear of the train!

Click Here to see the SFX70 Video


SFX80 DMU Diesel Multiple Unit sound capsule

The SFX80 is different from other capsules as you get most sound when the train is stationary. Real sounds recorded on original slam door style coaches and include guards whistles, slam doors, and brake sounds when it stops moving.
Just like the real thing!

Click Here to see the SFX80 Video


Current SFX Models:

SFX10 Steam Express sound capsule

Click here to see the SFX10 Video


SFX20 Diesel sound capsule

Click here to see the SFX20 Video


For more details about the SFX Sound capsule and full range click here


Smart Screen animated station and on-board train display

Have you seen our real working animated miniature screen?

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The video below shows how to get started & program a Smart Screen

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