RL1 Relay Controller


This is a twin channel Relay Controller which can switch high power loads using controls from track Sensors, Mimic Switches, Sensor Signals and DCC accessory commands.

Example applications include:

• Start a coal loading conveyor when the train is in position

• Remote control of models from the DCC controller

• Activate a turntable when a train passes a Track Sensor

• Boost Track Sensor outputs to control motors, solenoids, lamps etc. 

• Automatic Train Control Click Here for more info

The RL1 works on analogue or digital layouts and is powered directly by DCC or 12-16 Volts smooth DC. When on digital the relays can also be controlled by DCC accessory addresses which are easily set up using One-Touch DCC. Relays are a great way to switch on and off relatively high power devices such as motors and solenoids because they act like a switch contact and so are safely electrically isolated from other signals. The Relay Controller incorporates two separate relays, each with single pole changeover contacts which can switch up to 3 amps at 24 volts AC or DC, so can be used to control DC or AC models, including battery models, Faller kits, etc.


RL1 Relay Controller  

 Click Here to download the User Manual 

For an information sheet to control the new Dapol Motorised Water Tower from the RL1 Relay Controller Click Here 

To see a demonstration of the Water Tower being controlled by a Track Sensor and Relay Controller Click Here 


An video introduction to the Relay Controller