Train-Tech believes that technology should make life better and easier, not more complicated, yet model railway wiring always seems to be complex with even the smallest layout needing lengths of many confusing cables and connectors - until now!


Layout Link is an easy new way of connecting lots of signals, points and accessories together with just a single wire!

And whether you run regular analogue DC or digital DCC it works just as well. So to link our new Sensor Signals to each other you just need a single piece of wire plugged between them.

You can also use another single wire to link them to a mimic panel so that you can see what your signals are doing and where the train is on your layout.


Current products in the LayoutLink family:

Sensor Signals (click here)

SC300 Dapol Controller (click here)

PC200 Point Controller (click here)

Mimic Switches & Lights (click here)

Ready Assembled Level Crossings (click here)

Track Sensor (click here) 

GS1/GS2 Ground Signals (click here)

SC100 Automatic Signal Controller (click here)

Smart Screen (click here)

Sound Track (click here)

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