Track Sensor Plus  - ST10

Track Sensor PLUS

The Track sensor is similar to a Sensor Signal except that it has no signal head. It is located next to the track and features a built in infrared sensor which senses a train passing and easily links to and controls a range of Layout Link products using just a single wire which plugs in - no soldering required and works on both DCC and DC layouts.

Track Sensors can control:

• Trigger the LC10 Level Crossing lights and sounds when a Train approaches

• Control Dapol Semaphore signals automatically using the SC300 controller 

• Control a Ground Position shunt signal to change as the train passes sensor 

• Link to Mimic Switch/Light to show trains passing, location (ideal for hidden tracks)

• Link to a Sensor Signal to change the following block section (like a dummy signal)

 New Track Sensor PLUS features:

The Track Sensor Plus features additional solder terminal outputs to link directly to devices such as LED (included), solid state relay, computers (eg Raspberry Pi, Arduino).

Note that all models of Track Sensor can be powered from DCC or 12-16v smooth DC

The 4 additional outputs on the Plus version function as follows: 

• Output on as train passes over sensor• Output pulses as train passes over

• Random flashes as train passes - like sparking• Turns on then off between alternate trains

User Manual for ST10 

ST10 Track Sensor PLUS complete with LED and instructions   

Note ST1 Track sensor has been superseded by ST10 which does all ST1 functions + more - both products can be used together on your layout.