Smart Lights


Smart Lights are a new kind of light which you can easily fit inside buildings, trains, vehicles or other parts of your layout which light up your models with the lighting effects of your choice!  Each Smart Light is only 1cm square and just 2 wires connect it to almost any low voltage supply. If you have a digital layout you can control it using a simple DCC accessory command (even if it is on board a moving train!), but just as easy to power from a 12V DC power pack or a 9 volt battery!

• Small 1 x 1 x 0.3cm - fits in or under most models

• Just 2 wires already pre-fitted to the lights

• Power by standard 9-16V DC or a battery

• Or by DCC which can also control some effects

• Just connect and go - no setting up required

• Fitted with Self adhesive pad for easy mounting

• Enhanced design slightly slimmer than the originals


SL10 - Party Disco Lights  


Mixtures of lighting colours and flashes to simulate a party or disco in a house, night club or pub etc

Click the PDF icon to download the SL10 user manual 

Click the PDF icon to download a template for the 'moving' coloured floor to use with SL10

SL20 - Random Lighting  


Randomly turns on and off simulating the lights in an office, house or street etc. 

Adds life to a scene!

Click the PDF icon to download the SL20 user manual 

SL30 - Emergency Vehicle  


Realistic multi flashing blue light which can be fitted under the roof light of a model emergency vehicle

Click the PDF icon to download the SL30 user manual 

SL40 - Real Fire Effect  


Flickering shades of amber and yellow flames mixed with the red embers of a real fire.

Click the PDF icon to download the SL40 user manual 

SL50 - Arc Welding Effect  


Bright white arc flashes followed by a slowly dimming red glow from the weld cooling down.

Click the PDF icon to download the SL50 user manual 

SL60 - Television Simulator  


Fits inside a model house or shop and lights just like a television with multiple colours and flickering.

Click the PDF icon to download the SL60 user manual 

SL100 - Custom Smart Light  



You can set this Smart Light to show your choice of colour, brightness and effect using a DCC controller in accessory control mode. Although it must be set up using DCC, once set up it can be powered by either 9-16v battery / DC or DCC.

The unit has 3 main customisable function:

Colour - Choose from 14 different colours or a colour cycle

Effect - Choose from 8 different effects including constant, flashing, flickering, fading & random etc

Brightness - Choose from 9 different brightness levels from 10% to 100%

Set and change an unlimited number of times - it remembers the effect until you change it!!

Click the PDF icon to download the SL100 user manual