SC2 One-Touch DCC Signal Control Module WIRE-FREE Any gauge  DCC


(Signal shown not included) 


This is a Colour Light Signal decoder module which enables almost any Colour Light LED Signal to connect to your DCC controlled layout - very easy to set up and use. The module can control a 2 aspect signal with a route indicator (as shown above) or a 3 or 4 aspect signal etc.

  • One-Touch DCC™ setting up - NO programming of CV codes etc!
  • Simple 2 wire connection to either track or controller - no separate power needed
  • LED’s connect direct to the module with fitted screw terminals - no resistors etc required
  • Works with most LED signals where you connect direct to the LED's including Train-Tech kits or make your own
  • Signals can work independently or mirror another - ideal for home & distant signals
  • Works with most controllers with accessory control including Dynamis, Select, Elite etc
One-Touch DCC™ is a brand new way of instantly controlling your new signals or accessories - NO programming CV codes etc.


SC2 - One 3/4 aspect or 2 aspect and route signal
Compatible with Train-Tech SK4,SK5,SK6 and other manufacturer's LED signals. (Not supplied)
Click the PDF icon to download the user manual 
Click the PDF icon to download the SC2 wiring guide 
Click the PDF icon to download the wiring guide for use with the SK signal kits 
SK4, SK5 & SK6 compatible