SFX Sound Capsules 

Easy low cost sound which works on any railway - see video below for sound demo

Easy to fit in seconds - no wiring or switches!

• No pickups or wires - works on regular DC & DCC

• Self contained capsule - built-in speaker & battery

Tiny - smaller than a 50p: 25mm x 20mm x 12mm

• Fit capsule into a loco, tender, wagon, coach....

Real recorded sounds from Steam, Diesel, Electric, etc

• Includes facilities for adjusting volume and fitting an external speaker and battery

How to fit SFX Sound into N Gauge guide

Many modellers like the extra realism which sound can bring to a layout but until now it has been an expensive and complicated feature to add & usually requiring DCC, extra wiring and quite a lot of space. SFX needs none of this and works in ANY train! Priced at £45

How does it work? 

At the heart of each SFX is a microchip containing the real recorded train sounds and a small motion sensor which detects what the train is doing and replays the most appropriate sounds through its tiny loudspeaker. The motion sensor also turns on and off power so that there is no need for any switch and battery life is preserved.

SFX Sound capsules each supplied with battery and fitting guide

SFX10 Steam locomotive - including fireman coaling, gear & whistle - Available now. User manual    

SFX20 Diesel locomotive - including turbo whine, air, horn etc - Available now. User manual    

Fitting 'N' gauge sound: 

The Following SFX Sound capsules are future releases:

SFX30 Electric power locomotive - including motor whine, horn, etc

SFX50 Diesel Multiple unit - including changes, door slams, horn

SFX60 Electric Multiple unit - including motor whine, door slams, horn

SFX70 Shunting (to fit in goods) - including couplings, squeels, buffers

SFX80 Coaches - including couplings, doors, wheel squeel 


BAT1 Pack of 3 spare batteries for SFX sound, Coach lighting & AL units  

Please Note: We are unable to send any batteries abroad - please see our Export section with no batteries included  

 We have designed a tiny sound capsule which brings rich real railway sounds from your favourite train! The SFX is completely self contained with a built in speaker and battery which needs no pickups or wiring of any kind and so is both easy to fit and works on any train system, including regular DC or digital.  Please note price of capsules now £45 not £40 as shown in the video