Fitting an AL2+ module to a brake van.

Many thanks for this contribution Len from Hertfordshire.

"Thought you would be interested in how I fitted a AL2 to a guards van.  Impossible to dismantle the body, so drilled straight through just behind the axle. Threaded the wires through, soldered to LED. The unit fitted nicely behind the axle, ( blue tack) At EYE level you can just see the black battery holder."


"The battery unit is fitted underneath behind the axle between the frames. I found that it was best to paint the Lamp with an undercoat of light grey as i did not like the light bleed that was visible with just painting it white."

"When it came to fitting the interior LED, for me two things became apparent.

The White LED was to bright. If it was situated near the floor it could be seen  at normal viewing height. So I gave it a wash of yellow, painted the wires black and fed this through a hole in the middle of the floor, then glued this to the underside of the roof.

I like it and so does the guard. Regards. Len."



For information on the AL2 module, click here 

Please note this installation will require a certain amount of dismantling of the model and should be attempted only by proficient modelers.   We can accept no liability to damage to the model caused by the installation of this module and associated LED lighting.