This fitting of coach lights article was supplied by Phil Spiegelhalter.

Many thanks Phil.

Minimal 'fitting' time ! - mostly

Removal and refitting of coach body and any bits falling off in the process !

The type 7 has minimal  space above the compartment walls/dividers/cupboards: and on

the compartment section I trimmed back to create depth for the CR2032 battery  ...

if I had turned it around, with the battery at the open saloon end, this would not

have been required - but I wanted the 5 LED lights 'symmetrically' placed based on


On the Buffet; the strip COULD simply lie across the top of, and between, the

dividers /end furniture.

T-T suggest foam pad fixing  - but my pads were too thick - and taping it directly

to the roof was best (possibly with a few millimetres space cut below for the

battery) .. and above the normal window line of the compartments.

Especially with the high-windows of the Buffet - fitting directly to the roof

underside WAS required. no problem. (battery just within distance between end


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