The following article was submitted by our regular contributor Len Starling and shows how lanterns can be fitted to the A3 and A4 locos.  

Many thanks again Len.

This photo shows the AL Module wiring underneath the A4.

The Led Legs have been removed and thin wire soldered to the rear using Train Tech wire. WP1.

These wires are bonded to the rear of the Led to stop them moving, these wires should be at least 2.5 inches long.

Wires are then bonded to the rear of the buffer beam.

A heavier wire is connected to these. ( I used GPO telephone wire)

Four different colours, you need to do this as you will have to wire in such a way that both lights come on once plugged into the AL module. ( Either the On sockets or the Flicker)

Additional Epoxy was added to the rear, and filed to shape.

The handles I made using GPO striped wire. bent to shape and fixed with Epoxy.

Once all had hardened all was cleaned up with a needle file prior to painting.

Tip. Check that the Leds light at every stage. Use Heat shrink on joints.



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