Fitting Tail Lights to a Hornby Brake Tender

Many thanks for this contribution Len from Hertfordshire.


Remove the bogies and strengthener. Slice off the top lamp, use a single edge blade.

The white mark is your first hole, drill the 2nd below it.

Fit Train-Tech lantern LED and secure with adhesive of your choice.

Using a Train-Tech tail light module of your choice solder wires to the LED and plug the other end into the module.

If like me you fitted 2 tail lamps then drill holes as shown, not close to the outer body.

Wire as before using solid core wire. I used 4 colours of the Train-Tech WP2 which helps with polarity.



For more info on Train-Tech Tail Lights Click Here


Please note this installation will require a certain amount of dismantling of the model and should be attempted only by proficient modelers.   We can accept no liability to damage to the model caused by the installation of this module and associated LED lighting.