Fitting Interior LED lights and flickering Tail Lamp to Bachmann Inspection Coach

Many thanks for this contribution Len from Hertfordshire.


Use 1 Train-Tech Coach light strip cut in half to avoid roof protrusions (or 2 smaller coach lights for N gauge as I have), Tail lamp LED & WP2 Wire pack

Hold the coach light in place with blutack. The lamp I used 2 part epoxy to hold it in place.

The lamp can plug directly into one end of the strip, but I have added black wire to the LED which makes it easier to bend around corners inside the coach and keep in place with a spot of glue so it cannot be seen. I have then soldered it to the coach light.



For more info on Train-Tech Coach Lights Click Here

Please note this installation will require a certain amount of dismantling of the model and should be attempted only by proficient modelers.   We can accept no liability to damage to the model caused by the installation of this module and associated LED lighting.