Adapting a Track Tester to make it more visible and easier to test point work

Many thanks to Peter Brown for this contribution

Having misplaced a couple of Track Testers I thought I'd try to make them a bit more visible and easier to test point work too. 

I took a spare bogie from my spares box, fitted pickups, soldered phosphor bronze wires to the pickups busbars, fed these through the wheel spaces to the upper surface of the bogie and soldered the track tester to the wires.

Rather than trim the excess wire I stuck on a coloured label flag for additional visual clarity.  The bogie can be pushed around the track by hand or by locomotive. 

Really easy job - took about 15-20 minutes.

The pickups are DCC Concepts and the wheels used are Bachmann with metal backs.

Parts Used                       



Underside Photo                                                                                                      Top View



Track Tester soldered to pickups                                                                              Completed with flag



In use propelled by loco and coach

For more info on Train-Tech Track Tester Click Here

Please note this installation will require a certain amount of dismantling of the model and should be attempted only by proficient modelers.   We can accept no liability to damage caused by installation.